What is Sports Podiatry?


Sports podiatry is the treatment of foot, ankle, knee and leg injuries by altering lower limb function using a variety of methods, including orthotic insoles, footwear and exercises.

What does a sports podiatrist do?

Sports podiatrists specialise in the diagnosis and management of foot and lower leg disorders with a particular focus on injuries associated with foot and lower limb function.

Advice and modification of running shoes, football boots and other sporting footwear

A Sports podiatrist can determine via biomechanical assessment and specific testing whether your leg alignment and leg stability is normal and is sufficient for performing in your particular sport or activity.

When should I be assessed by a sports podiatrist?

  1. Injury – If you have repeated lower limb injuries , it is likely to be caused by a mechanical problem or imbalance in the body. To relieve the symptoms, the cause of the imbalance must be determined and treated accordingly.
  2. Performance enhancement – For the recreational or elite level athlete        who wants to avoid injury and maximise performance.

A Sports podiatrist will often work closely with a sports physiotherapist as many leg and foot problems are secondary to problems in the lower back and pelvis.

The most common sports podiatry injuries are : Shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, Knee cap pain (runners knee), Calf strain, Plantar fasciitis/arch pain.

Introducing Andrew….

Andrew Brown (Podiatrist & Biomechanics Specialist)


MSc Podiatry, BSc Podiatry, MChS

Additionally Andrew is qualified in the use of local anaesthetics, steroid injection therapy and acupuncture.


Andrew qualified from as a podiatrist in 2002 and has worked within the NHS as a biomechanics specialist since 2004 and more recently in an Extended Scope role in Orthopaedics.  Andrew has worked in Private Practice for a number of years and was recently one of the Podiatrists at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Area of expertise:

With over 10 years experience working in biomechanics, Andrew is passionate about helping people return to activity following injury or surgery. Podiatry provides a crucial role rehabilitation of injury and improving lower limb function using a variety of methods such as exercises, footwear and orthotics.

Fun fact:

Before qualifying as a podiatrist, Andrew used to be a chef with the Hilton Group.