New Optimal Physio Clinic at Largs Yacht Haven







New Sports Physiotherapy Clinic Opening at Largs Yacht Haven

Leading Sports Injury and Low Back Specialists, Optimal Physio will be opening their new clinic in Largs Yacht Haven in April 2015.  

Local Physiotherapist Pamela Couper from West Kilbride, will be the head physiotherapist while Optimal Physio founder and FIFA international referee Steven McLean will be supporting the clinic. Pamela and Steven worked together in the NHS before moving into private practice and have both been qualified over 10 years. Steven also has a background in Sport & Exercise Sciences and shares the same proactive, complete end stage rehabilitation philosophy as Pamela.  He states “Among sports injuries presenting to a Scottish Accident and Emergency department (A&E), 73% are soft tissue injures. Around 16% were for fractures, most of these are then discharged to their Local GP’s. We firmly believe that it is more effective to receive quick, evidence based rehabilitation from a Sports Physiotherapy service, Largs is missing such a service. With our experience and skills we believe we can help individuals get back enjoying the sport and activities they love in a shorter time frame”.

Their passion for sport and proactive advice shines through and their NHS experience helps them cope with a wide variety of injuries. Pamela stated “there are over 200 different musculoskeletal injuries and 8/10 people suffer low back pain at some point in their life. The most effective treatment for back pain is physiotherapy so, it’s good to know you have highly skilled Physio’s on your doorstep when it happens to you. Our website has lots of advice on specific injuries to make sure you do the right things immediately after your injury.”

Pamela and Steven believe their physiotherapy approach is different because they provide extended 60minute assessments, to make sure there is enough time to understand your pain, fully assess your injury and explain it to you in detail. The treatment is also more complete ensuring a safer return to sport complete with a specific injury prevention programme which makes sure you get better and stay better.  “We’re making professional level treatment available for everyone who cares about their health and enjoys physical activity” says Steven. “I understand that as an athlete when you visit a Physio you need to be able to trust them and our approach has been very successful.”

Their track record speaks for itself as they have worked with European and World Champions as well as professional rugby and footballers. Bruce Aitchinson, Head coach at Boroughmuir Rugby endorsed their skills  “Pamela ensured that my rehab was structured and enjoyable, setting me targets and motivating me to work efficiently. Pamela is able to build strong relationships with her clients and is a very positive person. Good people make good Physios. I find it easy to recommend Pamela to those in need of support to return to the level, and beyond, they desire as I benefited from her support and for that I am immensely grateful.”

World Record holder Lisa Tobias supported Stevens skills “I am hugely grateful to Steven for successfully treating a sports related injury I had in my back. I went to see him with my injury a couple of weeks before I was competing in a powerlifting competition so it was important that I was in peak physical condition. Steven quickly diagnosed the exact problem area, effectively treated it and gave me relevant exercises to carry out myself. By the time the competition came, my back was feeling great. He was extremely friendly, approachable and professional throughout.”

Pamela concluded, “as a local, I’m excited that we have the opportunity to bring our skills to North Ayrshire and Largs in particular.  We’re keen to help the local community achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals and believe we will make a really positive contribution to society”.

[Optimal Physio are keen to promote their new clinic and will be hosting a free opening event on the 25th April at Largs Yacht Haven.  To book your place email]

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