How to help your Low Back Pain without reaching for pain relief? (clue – it’s not rest)

Lower Back Pain Physio

Low back pain affects 80% of population

If you suffer from low back pain it’s mostly likely something you have put up with for weeks, months or even years.  You eventually get fed up with taking pain relief or it gradually gets worse, more painful and stiffer.  You go see you doctor and they give you some more pain relief and advice some rest.  It is very hard for the doctor to give you specific advice as their appointment times are very short and usually less than 10minutes.  You might have been to the NHS physio or another private physio or chiropractor before and it has not helped or been effective for a long period of time.  You might have tried a few massages and although this helped, it only lasted for a few hours or days at best.  Nothing appears to work.  You begin to think it is ‘wear and tear’ and something that you ‘just have to live with’.  This can be very worrying and frustrating.  We hear this story all the time and there is another way.

Back Pain can be really confusing and frustrating, we get it. We help lots of people with low back pain every day, its the number 1 condition we treat daily so we know what were doing. We also know how to stop you worrying about your back pain and get you back to activity without fear of it returning again in the future.

We know so many people who believe “it’s just old age” or “it’s in the family” and even worse “I need a scan to find out what’s really wrong”.  That’s why we created our free low back pain ebook and additional resources to help you understand your back pain and start your recovery today.  To get your copy just click this link or complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Effective Physiotherapy is the most effective way to treat low back pain

Low back pain affects 80% of us at some point in our lives. Recent research has shown that physiotherapy is the most effective way to help your pain.  Back pain can affect your quality of life in many ways but you don’t need to just put with it.  Whether its affecting your sleep, your job or the activities you like to take part in, we can help.  We know it can make you grumpy, worried it won’t get better, or worse that it is something serious.  Most are not serious but thats why it is important to get the right advice from a physiotherapist that you can trust.

Did you know that only 1% of low back pain ever need surgery? Chances are then that you are in the other 99%.

Between 50-80% of back pain sufferers experience sleep issues which can go on for months and can lead into a much more serious cycle of chronic pain. Lack of sleep can impact on your concentration, mood, stress levels and pain. It can be really frustrating and impact on your energy levels and eating habits. This pain can come and go, but it can also be very worrying and intense.

Fortunately, we treat a lot of low back pain, we know what it feels like and how to help it recover.

Pamela & Steven are our low back pain specialists, but all our physiotherapists are experienced in treating the cause of your pain. We know you don’t want surgery or to have to reach for the pain relief every day, and we know what to do to help you.

All you have to do is book an appointment, attend and be ready to work hard.  We don’t use ultrasound or electrotherapy to help back pain, because we know that doesn’t work.  We also know that rest doesn’t work either so if you have had a physio treat you like this before, you are unlikely to benefit and get the results you want.

Download our free guide to back pain at the bottom of the page for some good advice to get you started on the road to recovery.

Or click this link and get 6 strategies on how to improve your sleep with back pain.

Our physiotherapy clinics are based in Mearns Castle Golf Academy in Newton Mearns and also Largs Yacht Haven, just of Irvine Road in Largs.

My story is simple.  I had been suffering for years with a lower back problem.  I had tried every type of potential solution e.g. chiropractors, NHS, private health.  You name it I tried it.  My low back pain got so bad my quality of life was severely affected to the point I couldn’t do simple tasks.  That was until I met Steven McLean at Optimal Physio.  From not only a superb physical approach to my problem Stevens’ positive attitude and motivational coaching were fantastic.  After 3/4 months I was back playing golf to a reasonable level again.  My quality of life has returned and it is all thanks to the fantastic work Steven has put in.  I cannot thank him enough and I have recommended him to other friends and family who have also had the same experience and outcome.  Quite simply superb.

Eddie Irvin
Senior Partner at Mortgage First UK

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