Single Leg Training and Anterior Knee pain

Single leg training Single leg training has received a great deal of attention in injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement training programs in recent times and is commonly used in physiotherapy programs for Anterior knee pain.  The reason is that athletic movement skills of field and court sports are dominated by the gait cycle which

Running injuries

Running is a really satisfying form of exercise with numerous health benefits but you must not underestimate the effects on your body.  Running is repetitive and can cause pain and injury, especially when you change your routine such as increasing your mileage or introduce speed or hills. Running injuries are part of and parcel of

Sciatica is not back pain!

Listening to Jeremy Vine’s Medical Monday this week with Dr Sarah Jarvis on Radio 2 inspired me to write a little piece on Sciatica.  The programme had some really good information and is available to listen to on the BBC Radio 2 website. Sciatica is something we as Physiotherapists see a lot of in clinic. 

What is Foam Rolling?

More and more we get asked about this thing called a foam roller, so we thought it would be useful to write a blog on what it is and how it can help you. What is a foam roller? Over the last few years using a foam roller has become more fashionable. But what is

Welcome to Optimal Physio

Optimal ‘Adjective’ best or most favourable; “seeking the optimal solution”   We want Optimal Physio to be more than just a positive experience through receiving the best healthcare to resolve your pain. We want it to be the solution to help you discover the optimal version of you. We want you to return to the