Cycling injuries and ABCs of preventing them

The wind in your hair (under a helmet of course), the bugs on your lips and the hot breath of an encroaching car are just some of the many joys of cycling that an increasing number of us are lapping up. Cycling Scotland has reported cycling journeys have increased nearly 50% in the year since

A recovery plan while you wait.

NHS waiting times are still recovering making it likely that access to treatment may be delayed. Talking to someone about how you can begin your recovery may help.


AND WHY THE TERM “SLIPPED DISC” INFURIATES ME…. We all have disc’s in our backs, they are our natural shock absorbers. They are also a main contributor to low back pain and back pain is very common. We often hear people come into clinic and advise us that they’ve been told they have a “slipped

Common Rehabilitation Mistakes in Treating Patellar Tendinopathy

Patella tendinopathy or jumpers knee, is pain aggravated by high impact activities often in athletes who participate in sports involves running and jumping.  It is characterised by localised pain where the tendon meets the kneecap.   1. Not managing load  Sometimes the most provocative activities need to be reduced or stopped in the early management

Exercise and The Menopause

This year I celebrated a big birthday.  I am not phased by getting older at all and in many ways I feel healthier and happier than when I was in my 20’s.  This has been down to developing healthy sustainable lifestyle habits and learning what works for me to maintain good mental and physical health.