What is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

  Since I started working at Optimal Physio many people have asked me, what makes paediatric physiotherapy different? and why is the treatment of children considered a speciality? The answer put quite simply; Children are NOT just little adults! Paediatric physiotherapists are seen as specialists in the treatment of children and infants between the ages

How does Sports Massage Help?

Sports Massage is used the world over but athletes and exercise enthusiasts but why? Do you want to supplement your training?, boost your recovery? and minimise your chances of injury while enhancing your performance? Sports massage fans make many of these claims but does it actually help? Elite athletes always mention the benefits of a

How To Use Nutrition To Recover From Injury

Nutrition for Injury? Nutrition is only for weight loss and professional athletes, right? Wrong. Nutrition is important for regular exercisers too, and is a key ingredient in the recipe for recovery and health. When we exercise, we place good stress upon the body to create changes in order to improve our muscles, heart and mind.

Low Back Pain: Separating the facts from the fiction

Research is challenging widespread beliefs commonly held about low back pain. As Chartered Physiotherapists at Optimal Physio, we keep up to date with research to ensure we provide you with the best possible advice and information to help you recover. Low Back Pain is common and normal Eighty percent of people will experience an episode of

What is an injury?

Recently I had the pleasure of presenting to North Ayrshire Athletics club about injuries and more specifically injury prevention. In an engaging session, I was able to increase their awareness of injuries, recovery and prevention with some simple advice. By knowing some of the basics of injuries, you too can give yourself a head start