Common mistakes in managing Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles tendinopathy is really just pain that has been present for months. It’s more complex then that from a pathology perspective but treatment does not need to be complicated. Tendinopathy is more common than OA. In the US 26million have OA and 35 million have had a tendinopathy. We know that load and compression forces

What is Patellofemoral Pain?

Management of Patellofemoral pain What is Patellofemoral Pain? Patellofemoral Pain or PFP has been defined as pain around or behind the patella (knee-cap) with pain on palpation or compression of the patella without any other signs of knee pathology (Brushoj et al 2008).   Patellofemoral pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints, affecting

What is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

  Since I started working at Optimal Physio many people have asked me, what makes paediatric physiotherapy different? and why is the treatment of children considered a speciality? The answer put quite simply; Children are NOT just little adults! Paediatric physiotherapists are seen as specialists in the treatment of children and infants between the ages

How does Sports Massage Help?

Sports Massage is used the world over but athletes and exercise enthusiasts but why? Do you want to supplement your training?, boost your recovery? and minimise your chances of injury while enhancing your performance? Sports massage fans make many of these claims but does it actually help? Elite athletes always mention the benefits of a