Gait Analysis

What is gait analysis and can it benefit you? A recent study on US military personnel showed that using this technology of combining gait analysis with 3D printed, light weight orthotics reduced injury rate by up to 60%.  I am delighted to announce that we are the first physiotherapy clinic in Scotland to bring you

Feeling The Pinch?

The Stubborn Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Do you get a sharp, debilitating pain in your shoulder when you are performing tasks like brushing your hair, putting on certain clothes or showering? During these movements, where you raise your arm out to the side and then upwards over your head, do you alternate between no pain and

Banish sleepless nights for back pain sufferers!

Back Pain: The Chain of Command  Your spine is essentially the chain that forms the ‘backbone’ of your entire body. Without it you would be a loose pile of muscles, organs and soft tissue piled on the floor.  Your spine commands respect because it is the pillar that supports your body, allows you to walk,

What is Sports therapy?

Chris Gibson has joined Optimal Physio recently to work out of our Newton Mearns and Largs Clinics. Chris is the first Sports Therapist to join our team and we thought it would worth letting Chris introduce exactly what a sports therapist does and why he is such a good addition to our team. Chris explains:

Golf: The Most Dangerous Sport?

Spring has sprung and with the Masters just around the corner the golf season is starting to reach full swing. The PGA may not look like it has much in common with professional rugby – but you may be surprised to learn that golfers are actually injured more often than rugby players. It’s true.  In