World Physiotherapy Day – celebrating the pioneers of the profession

Today marks World Physiotherapy day.  Every profession has those who inspire. In celebration we took a look back at some of the pioneers of the profession. Per Henrik Ling is known as the “Father of Swedish Gymnastics,” who founded the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics (RCIG) in 1813 for massage, manipulation, and exercise. He was

6 most common running injuries – blog 2 in series

In the last blog we identified that training errors are a common cause of injuries. Not only is there a common reason why injuries occur but there are also common injuries experienced by runners.  Understanding your injury, where and why it hurts is the first step in applying the correct treatment and rehabilitation exercises. 1.

Gait analysis – reduce injury, reduce pain, improve comfort and performance

Gait analysis measures the forces your foot has to cope with, which is then transmitted through your legs as you move. These intricacies of movement impact upon the long term resilience of your feet and ankles determining whether you develop pain or discomfort.  Gait analysis is used to treat current pain and discomfort caused by

These 4 factors are the foundation to preventing injury

It is unrealistic to assume that all injuries will be prevented. Injuries span a whole spectrum of severity. Being injury free is a goal not only to ensure that training can continue but also to ensure that each workout is met in the best condition and mindset. These recommendations build a strong foundation to mitigate the