Is your neck pain all in your head?

How headaches could be a symptom of neck pain. Headaches that originate from neck pain are one of the most common type of headaches. They can occur at any age but most commonly present in patients between the age of 20 and 60. The pain associated with this condition is an example of referred pain. This is

5 Exercises to improve your golf swing

Every golfer wants to add yards to their swing and reduce their handicap. I grew up watching Freddie Couples and just loved how smooth and consistent his swing was.  All golfers would love a swing like his. Golfers invest in equipment to add yards and reduce error with better technology.  But do you invest in


Like everything, a bit of advice and prevention goes a long way to make sure your time on the green is pain-free. This time of year is also the ideal time to prepare for the golf new season and prevent injuries. While back pain is common for many golfers, feet and ankles are also under immense pressure from

2021 – A physio’s perspective

I’m beginning to feel like the Rev I. AM. Jolly with the end of year review! January 2021, do you remember the snow? Despite another lockdown we managed to have lots of snow and sledging fun. I occasionally gave the kids a shot! The clinics were still able to stay open to help those experiencing