We help active people aged 40+ who live in/near Newton Mearns or Largs get back to enjoying running, golf or the gym without worrying about pain relief, making your injury worse or needing surgery.

Physio for active people

Have you injured your shoulder in the gym? Put your back out in the house? Pulled a muscle out a run? We know how frustrating, worrying and painful this can be. 

Our aim is to improve your health by showing you how to:

  • 1. Rehab your injury without taking pain relief 
  • 2. Stop worrying about making it worse and show you how to avoid surgery
  • 3. Get back to your activities and prevent this injury from returning again in the future

We are passionate about healthy living and getting people active, keeping their independence, and helping them get back to following their passion and doing the sport and activities they love with the people they love without medication or the need for surgery.

We understand the frustration of being injured, or in pain and how that niggle/injury impacts on your quality of life by making you worried and fearful about different activities. It’s not knowing what is safe and where to start.  You are worried about making it worse and we understand.  We make it simple for you to get back doing what you enjoy.  

Evening & Weekend Appointments Available

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Passionate about making you better

Let us take control of your injury and guide you back to enjoying that run, that round of golf or that spin class.  Rest and pain relief don’t work.  

We look at what caused the injury and give you all the support, treatment, and advice to get better and stay better.

We care about you and your injury want to supporting you as best we can. That’s why we make provide physiotherapy that works.  We offer a full hour-long initial assessment and treatment. This allows our team enough time to understand your problem and your goals; give you a full assessment and diagnosis; have the time to explain your treatment and answer your questions.

We want to care for you in a special, optimal way. This means your rehab will be off to the best possible start without having to book an assessment then a treatment session separately like some of other physiotherapy clinics. 

Is Physio right for you? Book a free
Fit for Physio consultation

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Our Clinics

Newton Mearns, Glasgow

How to find us

We are located directly opposite reception within Mearns Castle Golf Academy (G77 5RR) on Waterfoot Road, Newton Mearns, Glasgow.

Areas we cover

Newton Mearns, Clarkston, Giffnock, East Kilbride, Eaglesham, Busby, Paisley, Glasgow and East Renfrewshire

Largs, Ayrshire

How to find us

We are located within the courtyard at Largs Yacht Haven (KA30 8EZ) and based next to Bosun’s Table. Just off the Irvine Road, Largs.

Areas we cover

Largs, West Kilbride, Fairlie, Kilwinning, Stevenson, Ardrossan, Saltcoats, Skermorlie, Greenock, Irvine and North Ayrshire